Are you getting stuck in the same situations and circumstances over and over again?

You simply want to move to the next level in your life, but it feels that you’re not moving forward, no matter how hard you try?

Then this is the Masterclass for you.

Significantly increase the Quality & Clarity in these Areas of your Life:

  • Spirituality

  • Love & Relationship

  • Wealth & Abundance

  • Career & Business

  • Selflove & Self-Worth

Simply by:

  • Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

  • Identifying your behavioural patterns (and upgrading them)

  • Learning simple, efficient ways to live a wealthier, fulfilling, passionate life of purpose

  • Applying the right tools & strategies to live the life of your dreams

  • Overcoming your fears of failure, success or self-doubt

How would you like to:

Become the MASTER CREATOR of your dreams by getting profound break-through knowledge:

  • Break through the frustrating cycle of broken goal settings and instead NAIL your Goals

  • Discover the secrets to a harmonious, passionate relationship and go from heartbreak to harmony. Even if you are single or in a longtime relationship

  • Command your thoughts firmly to create your perfect ideal of yourself and your life

  • Experience the life-changing revelations of how to open the floodgates of abundance

  • Initiate and expand your spiritual growth and awaken deeper consciousness & awareness within you

  • Super effective ways to calm your mind and tame your sabotaging thoughts

  • and so much more...!

Join others who have discovered the right tools & strategies and make your life extraordinary

Here's what you'll get today:

  • 39 Videos

    guiding you through this masterclass step-by-step

  • 25 MP3s

    so you can listen to this masterclass anytime you want

  • 2 PDFs

    dive deeper with these 2 PDF worksheets on how to set S.U.P.E.R. Goals and learn the difference between Desire & Intention.

  • 2 Full Books

    (over 500 pages)

  • 10 Hours

    learn at your own speed with life-time access to this masterclass

  • PLUS!!!

    All of the other PRAGMA online workshops included for FREE!

Free Books included



(Instead of £1,497.00)

Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of inspiration & guidance

to steer your life in the right direction


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5 star rating

A great journey

Paul Schultz

Enjoyed the guidance. Great details. Covers loads of areas. Would recommend to a friend.

Enjoyed the guidance. Great details. Covers loads of areas. Would recommend to a friend.

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5 star rating


Evelyn Rodriguez

This really is a fascinating masterclass. Lots of details and guidance. Have thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

This really is a fascinating masterclass. Lots of details and guidance. Have thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

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5 star rating

Very helpful!

Quinn Es...

A plethora of information to dig deep. So helpful for my journey. Thank you for sharing these insights. Would take it again and recommend.

A plethora of information to dig deep. So helpful for my journey. Thank you for sharing these insights. Would take it again and recommend.

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5 star rating

Deep! Very deep!

Charles B.

Awesome guidance for life

Awesome guidance for life

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Here’s everything you get when you join today:

  • 10 hours of guided video material

  • FREE MP3 Audios of each lesson so you can listen to it anywhere

  • Two FREE books, complimentary to this Masterclass in excess of 500 pages (in digital format)

  • LIFETIME Access to the Masterclass. You can come back anytime and refresh your knowledge

  • A NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee, so you can see if this masterclass is for you


(Instead of £497)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • #1 The Awakened Man - Introduction

    • #2 What does Awakening mean

  • 2

    Chapter #1 - An unconscious Life

  • 3

    Chapter #2 - A conscious Life

    • A conscious Life - Signs of a conscious life

    • A conscious Life - Heart Space Introduction

    • A conscious Life - Heart Space how to get there

    • Why Pain & Suffering is good

    • Surrender & Let go

    • Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

    • A conscious Life - Health

    • A Man's Purpose

  • 4

    Chapter #3 - Love, Relationship & Sexuality

    • You are enough

    • A Man's Purpose in a Relationship

    • How to balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

  • 5

    Chapter #4 - Money

    • Introduction and Overview

    • Money is Energy

    • Money Traps

    • Reprogram your Mind

    • Take Action

    • Gratitude

    • Money & Spirituality

  • 6

    Chapter #5 - Secrets to a Rich Relationship

    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #1 Definition

    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #2 Paradigms


    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #4 Awareness

    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #5 Harmonising

    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #6 Responsibilities

    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #7 Energy Flow


    • RICH RELATIONSHIP #9 De-Serving

    • The-Layers-of-a-Rich-Relationship

    • Mixed-Up Responsibilities

  • 7

    Chapter #6 - Unconditional Love

    • Introduction

    • What is Conditional Love?

    • What is Unconditional Love

    • What is keeping you away?

    • Blocks & Beliefs

    • Paradigms

    • A practical Guide on how to get to Unconditional Love

    • Heart Space

    • No Judgement

    • Practice Unconditional Love in your relationship

    • Summary

  • 8

    Chapter #7 - Paradigms

    • Introduction

    • What are paradigms?

    • Identify

    • Crack

    • Replace

    • Heart Space

  • 9

    Audio Bonus Tracks

    • [AUDIO DOWNLOADS] An unconscious Life

    • [AUDIO DOWNLOADS] A conscious Life

    • [AUDIO DOWNLOADS] Money Blocks

  • 10

    PDFs & Books

    • [BOOK] Secrets to a Rich Relationship

    • [BOOK] Crush your Money Blocks

    • [BOOK] Unleash your Success Power

    • [PDF] Goals vs Desires vs Intentions

    • [PDF] Set S.U.P.E.R. Goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did you really drop the price from £497?

    Yes, we did. For a limited time only, and we cannot promise that this drop will ever come again.

    We are confident enough that this will enable more people around the world to enjoy and design the life they have always been dreaming of.

    It's a win-win situation, because more people can enroll in this masterclass, and we are able to reach more people who want to change their lives.

  • Who is this Ultimate Life Design Masterclass for?

    If you are looking to raise your income, get balance into your life, make all the dreams come true, provide your family with all the experiences they deserve, have a passionate and harmonious relationship, this masterclass is definitively for you.

  • How fast will I see results?

    The beauty of this masterclass is that you will feel a change immediately.

    This masterclass is designed to tackle your subconscious beliefs, and the patterns with which you have been going through life until now.

    You will notice multiple AHA-moments throughout each session which will make you question your current ways of thinking and behaving.

    As you move on with creating your life over the next weeks, months and years, you will realise the tremendous effect the learning from this masterclass will have.

    Start today and feel the change immediately.

  • How do I know that this works for me?

    Everybody is different, true.

    However, everybody has similar thought patterns and subconscious beliefs that are holding them back from Designing their ideal life.

    These so called paradigms can be found in everyone. And since these paradigms are all very, very similar or even identical, we can break through these blocks with the teachings outlined in this masterclass.

  • Do you give a money back guarantee?

    Yes, absolutely.

    We are so confident that this masterclass will change your life that we offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee within 30 days.

    Up until now, we did not have a single one student who made use of this offer because they all were tremendously dedicated to making the change happen in their lives.

    However, should you feel that this masterclass is not for you, send a message to us in your masterclass online room and we will revert back to you as quickly as possible.

  • Do you guarantee this masterclass will work for me?

    We are absolutely, 100% confident that the teachings in this masterclass will have a profound impact on your life, your relationship, your financial situation, your happiness, your confidence and your ability to become the master creator of your life.

    Remember, there is no risk for you. Ever. You are always taken care of our 30-days money back guarantee.

    So enroll now and start seeing the changes in your life.