The Misperceived Alpha Male in Modern Times

A clarifying, unapologetic and brutally honest take on Alpha Males.

Powerful. Confident.

Let us first identify typical qualities that define an Alpha Male. He is by all means very powerful and aware of his skills, his powers, his strength. This shows in his confidence when interacting with others in all circumstances.

An Alpha Male can stand in the middle of the storm, but at least he stands and will not be blown away by it.

This confidence shall not be mistaken for cockiness or bragging. An Alpha Male has nothing to prove to anyone. Confidence is an inward expression. Arrogance is an outward expression.


That which makes him stand his ground regardless of the circumstances is his integrity. A man who knows his values and acts upon it with full authenticity will always act with integrity. He does not back down from anyone or any situations because of his integrity.

It is impossible to keep an Alpha Male away from his integrity. He will always make his decisions with full integrity.

If he finds himself in difficult times, he would rather suffer himself than to break his word or promises.

Calm & Kind

Many have a distorted image of an Alpha Male in their minds, abusive of their powers, radical, in rage, screaming or yelling.

Mind you, these are common traits of a Beta Male. Insecure. Snapping like a scared dog.

Nothing to Prove

Alpha Males have nothing to prove to anyone. They will rather keep in the background, observing a situation than to be at the forefront of discussions.

They will stand their ground and won’t back away from confrontation. However, you will find that Alpha Males have a certain aura which one might perceive as calm, quiet, strong, without being intimidating.

Strong convictions

Every Alpha Male lives with strong convictions. He doesn’t make judgements. However, he will judge people by their actions. Once an Alpha Male has made up his mind, it is very hard to prove him wrong.

That’s not being said that he wouldn’t change his mind. He does because he is open to new life lessons, new information.

He is very quick in making a decision. And also in changing a decision when new evidence has been provided.

An Alpha Male does not live in the past. He creates the present from the future backwards.


Nothing is more unshakeable than the loyalty of an Alpha Male.

That being said, his loyalty to his own values and principles weigh more than anything else. He will protect himself from morons, deceitful people and enemies.

Once you push an Alpha Male out of your life, rest assured that he will never return.

In the background

It is remarkable that most Alpha Males will remain in the background and value their privacy. They are most unlikely to go out in public, teaching others how to be an Alpha Male.

Why would they do it?

They have nothing to prove. If they want to share their experience, they do it in private, person to person, or use anonymous articles or accounts (such as this one).


If you are in the vicinity of an Alpha Male, you will enjoy his protection even if you are not aware of it.

One of the highest values an Alpha Male has is to be protective of those he loves or are around him.

This applies in life, relationship, family as well as in business.

Alpha Males will protect their territory when necessary. They are not being played with because they have seen it all and know the rules.

They show their power when necessary, not when they feel like it.

Doing what is necessary when it is necessary is a trademark of Alpha Male characteristics.


Every greatness comes with vulnerabilities. Not weaknesses, but vulnerabilities. An Alpha Male will be able to open up his vulnerability to his significant other 👈. There will be no hidden aspects of his character.

Being vulnerable means to accept and acknowledge one’s own limitations. And how to deal with it to rise stronger from the experience.

Spiritual awake

All Alpha Males are spiritually awake. They have gone through a lot in their lives which makes them the warriors they are now. They have experienced loss, challenges, hardship, and they know how to manoeuvre through these tough times.

Spirituality plays an important role in their lives as they have realised that everything in the universe originates from one source. Alpha Males understand the importance of inclusion, of togetherness, kindness and a sustainable lifestyle.

Healthy Masculinity

Alpha Males embrace their masculinity in all areas of their life.

They know how to be a gentleman.

How to court their woman and be courteous in any situation.

They take charge of the situation.

They deal with challenges.

They are protective.

They are loving, caring, charming.

They have boundaries. And respect other people’s boundaries.

They hold doors open (for men and women)

Alpha Males are born leaders who act with kindness and understanding. At the same time, they will relentlessly pursue their goals, their ambition in life and business. They have a deep passion that drives them every day.

They won’t surrender or let go of a goal (unless it would be destructive to them).

This force of nature is the true strength of a warrior soul.

If you are lucky to have an Alpha Male on your side, be sure to not let him slip away.

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