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Here's what you'll learn

  • What the Top 1% in the world know, do and apply every day to accumulate limitless wealth

  • How to breakthrough the frustrating need for money to open your cash flow effortlessly

  • Why the Law of Attraction and Self-Affirmations are simply not enough and what you should do instead

  • Discover a simple and proven step-by-step methodology to let unlimited amounts of money flow into your life

  • Identify and eliminate your personal blocks that have been keeping the cash flow from you (and you probably are not even aware of them)

  • Unlearn what you think you know about money and learn the shockingly simple truth

How would you feel if you STOPPED

  • worrying about where to get money fast

  • having to count every single penny or cent or pence

  • feeling guilty of not having enough money because you cannot support your family the way you'd like to

  • getting more and more frustrated about your current financial situation

  • being jealous of other people who can afford anything

  • getting more and more impatient

  • having sleepless nights over your finances

  • worrying that your partner might leave you if your financial situation does not improve drastically

  • getting stressed out about bills piling up and you have no idea how to pay off your debt

What would it mean to you if you were able to

  • afford anything you desire (without having to think twice)

  • chose and buy the things you really (REALLY) want without looking at the price tag

  • pay easily for your children's education

  • spoil your partner and family with vacations, presents, gifts, surprises, shopping sprees, healthy food, and more

  • confidently go on your dream vacation, buy your dream house, buy your dream car

  • smile every time you think about your bank account

Fundamental Money Principles

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  • Love money! It's not the root of all evil. It's your ticket to paradise

  • Don't chase money. It's like trying to herd cats. You cannot chase them, but you can lure them in with a bait.

  • One universal rule of money: Circulate it! Don't spend it, circulate it. When you circulate money, it must come back multiplied. It's the law.

  • Never feel guilty about having or not having money

  • Give money attention! Most people ignore money. They ignore their bank statements, their bills, their debt. Money loves attention. If it feels that you can take care of it, money will flow to you. More on this in the masterclass

  • Don't make excuses or justify not having money.

  • Set high standards for yourself. And your money. Be committed to earn, keep and multiply money. And circulate it.

A man's stamina and how he penetrates his life, business and relationship is largely defined by his ability to make money

And here's why

  • Money energetically is the root of his life's foundation as defined in Maslov's Pyramid of Basic Human Needs

  • Men are born warriors. Their trophy back in the days was prey. Nowadays, their prey is wealth, success, status, but also happiness and spiritual alignment

  • A man who lacks money also lacks stamina and that is a sign that he is less resourceful as he could be

  • A man who is capable of making money has the confidence to penetrate life on his terms and nobody else's

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